Friday, July 09, 2010

Greg's Birthday

The girls were very excited for Greg's birthday this year, so we decided to make him a banner. I had a roll of BIG paper in the basement and so we made the poster about 5 feet by 25 feet. I was very smart and didn't put it up until two minutes before Greg got home because it only lasted about five minutes before it was blown up on the roof & torn to pieces.

Greg got himself a couple of fun gifts including a new back-lit keyboard, and I surprised him with the game "Life" (which he had seen at my sister's house & was reminiscing about how much he enjoyed playing it as a kid).

All I know is that I am sure grateful for him & think the world of him!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Becca & Happy 4th of July

Becca turned nine last week. We had a perfect "summer day" birthday. She started the morning going to grandma's house for a sewing lesson with her cousins, played with her birthday presents (that she opened at breakfast) then we had the grandparents over for dinner before going swimming.
Becca wanted Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner & decorated her own birthday cake (flip flops) after watching an hour of cake decorating videos. She received a cake decorating kit from her grandparents & used it for two hours the next morning practicing everything from star tip to basket weave. She also got a Zhu Zhu pet which has been a hit around our house this last week (it's a hamster that runs around its house and makes little squeaky noises).

Yesterday we started our Independence Day celebrations with the annual trip to Aunt Charlene's breakfast. It was great to see the extended family, as always. We then went swimming at Grandpa's house, and had lunch back at our house where Lego Guitar Hero played a prominent role in our entertainment. We ended the day by watching fireworks at the park and as Greg said, "Maybe we should keep our kids up late every night just so they will go to bed this well every day!"

Today Becca and Sarah are both giving talks in Primary & I'm doing Sharing Time, so I had better make sure everything is ready, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.