Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Memorable Scripture Moment

We were reading tonight about how the Lord softened the hearts of the hearts of Ishmael and his daughters and and I asked the girls how they would feel if our friends who have four boys came by and said that they needed us to leave with them so that our four girls could get married to their four boys. The responses?
Becca: blushed, embarrassed by the thought of getting married to a cute boy.
Sarah: jumped up and down on the bed shouting "Oooh, Yuck! Boys. Yucky gross, gross, gross.
Rachel: giggled and jumped up on the bed with Sarah

Ellie: thought for a second and said..."Mmm, getting married sounds pretty romatic. I'd go with them!

Oh, man am I worried for the teenage years with her :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bear Snores On

One of my favorite children's books is "Bear Snores On." It is about a mouse who wanders into a bear cave to escape the cold & pretty soon a party ensues complete with popcorn, a fire, and tea (I'm sure it's herbal).
Well, some days I wish I could be the bear--because there is always such a party going on in my very own lair & sometimes it is more than I can handle.
Today I was out weeding the back yard...I mean jungle & Sarah and Rachel crept back in the house and had a bit of a party. Some of the events included: ChapStick art (chopstick according to Sarah) with a brand new 8 pack of chap stick I picked up for Becca's birthday party; strawberry jam finger paint on the carpet in the dining room (I found that one after I had already put the girls in the car to go to the school) and then, after I had hurredly cleaned up the jam I went out to the car where Sarah had climbed out of her carseat & loaded the back seat of the car with 2 Costco packages of bottled water & emptied the contents of my purse all over the front and middle seats. Ergh.
So, while the bear eventually wakes up saddened that he wasn't included in the festivities, I think I would prefer to hibernate for a little while & wake up once the mess of the party was all cleaned up....oh, wait...I bet the people who made the mess wouldn't clean it up, & the bear had already decided "If you can't beat 'em...Join 'em."

So, who's up for some strawberry jam finger painting on the carpet?! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Communication is Key

I was just getting ready & Sarah asked me if I would get her breakfast. I told her I would as soon as I found my deodorant, which seemed to have wandered off by itself.
"Deodorant?" asked Sarah.
"Yep. It's missing & I need it."
"I know where some deodorant is!" she said, and proceeded to open a closet that contains our card table, baby gate etc. and pulled everything out where, sure enough, my deodorant sat at the very back.
How long do you think it would have taken me to find it today?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet & Sour

I sure love my girls, but there are times when I wonder how they & I survive the day. This morning, after getting Becca and Ellie off to school, I started cleaning the house but realized very quickly that Sarah and Rachel were not making any noise. Discovering the front door wide open, I found both girls playing barefoot in the street. After explaining to them the dangers of being outside unsupervised, I told them that if they would get shoes on I would stay outside with them. They seemed pleased with the idea & so I watched them play as I weeded the front yard (we have grass growing up through our ivy & it has been begging to be pulled).
In addition to a weed infested yard, we also have a dead aspen tree :( and the branches keep falling off. Well, as I was bent over weeding (one of my least favorite chores) Rachel came up behind me with one of the fallen branches & whipped my back. OOOOH Baby! It hurt like the dickens.
After taking the branch away from her mischievous little hand and throwing it promptly in the garbage, I decided that I would take the girls to the hardware store and get some grass killer (and some carpenter ant killer for the naughty bugs making a home in our railroad ties) instead of weeding.
When we arrived at the store, both of the girls kept climbing in and out of the cart & they kept wanting to pick up the various bottles of poison for bugs and weeds.
It was all I could do to grab a couple bottles of herbicide & insecticide and run out the door. The problem there was easy to pinpoint, however. You see, we don't really go to the hardware store, we go to the "popcorn" store (they always have free bags of popcorn for the kiddos when we walk in), but since it was only 9:00 in the morning, they hadn't popped any corn and my girls were going through withdrawal.

Well, we got home & I thought things would go a little more smoothly, but apparently I was mistaken. Rachel clonked Sarah in the head with a toy & Sarah returned the favor. Both girls came crying down the stairs, with the sad misfortune that Rachel missed the last step & landed head first on the floor.

I calmed the girls down & started lunch & was two minutes into the process when I realized that the house was too quiet. I found the girls dumping shampoo on Becca's carpet (for the second time this week).

I hid the shampoo (apparently putting it away wasn't enough of a deterrent) and continued with lunch, but after about a minute I could hear a car driving up the road & realized that the front door was once again wide open.

I found the girls, pulled them inside & had them help me with my cooking. At the time I was frying up some won tons for a salad I am making for dinner & somehow, Rachel got one of the won tons, wadded it up in a ball, walked to the opposite side of the island (our stove is in our island) and threw a fastball right into the oil. As I type, I have eight distinct spots on my left hand and arm that are throbbing with heat (she, fortunately, did not get burned, though). I started to run my arm under cold water, and she waddled back to my side of the island carrying her dirty diaper in her hand saying "Nakey! Nakey!"

Well, I have given Rachel a bath, put her down for a nap, and sent the older two girls to the back yard in an attempt to preserve all our lives.

Before I started typing this post I peeked at all of the girls--Rachel sleeping, and Sarah & Ellie playing together outside-- and somehow, even with all their antics, they melted my heart... and I can honestly say that I just love them all to pieces!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Best Birth Story EVER

I read my cousin's birth story the other day & was going to link to her story, but they are kind of private folks, and so to protect their anonymity (at least a little bit...i.e. no last names) I have copied a section of their blog post for all to is too good to not read. ENJOY!

Katie’s due date was Saturday May 23rd. She had a doctor appointment on Wednesday May 20th

May 20th Timeline in review

2:40 Scheduled Dr. appointment at OBGYN office
3:00 Met with Dr. Katie is still only dilated to a 2. Schedule to be induced on May 30th in case the baby doesn’t come.
3:30 while driving home from Dr. office Katie says “I may have just had a contraction”
3:30 -5:30 Shopping
5:30-6:00 Dinner
6:00 Call to arrange care for Elizabeth
6:58 Drop Elizabeth off
7:00 Dallin Calls parents to tell them they are headed to the hospital
7:02 Dallin hangs up on parents because Katie is having rough contractions
7:06 Dallin and Katie get to the Freeway as they get on Katie says “I am having the urge to push.” Dallin and Katie try to breathe and relax with only limited success.
7:09 The RAV4 hits 84mph as Dallin tries to safely navigate a crowded freeway and 55mph speed limit
7:11 Katie expresses disappointment in the pain and circumstances by saying “I wanted an epidural”
7:13 Contractions are hard and constant. The car is very tense. Katie is very worried that the baby is coming. Dallin is trying to help Katie breathe but finds himself trying to slow his own breathing down.
7:14 Katie says “I can feel the head coming” and “I am dilating right now.”
7:15 Katie is screaming. She says that she is pushing and that the baby is coming. Dallin calls 911 but hangs up quickly as he sees the hospital exit is only 1.5 miles away.
7:17 Katie says she is going to have the baby right now that she can feel the head coming. Dallin and Katie try to keep breathing. Dallin reminds Katie that she can’t have the baby because her water hasn’t broken. He also reminds her that they had to break the water for Elizabeth and that Mom Cornwall had to have her water broken for all six kids. That we were going to make it to the hospital and be ok
7:18 The freeway exit appears Katie informs Dallin that her water just broke and that the baby is coming
7:19 Katie and Dallin run 3 (out of a total 4 possible, one light was green) red lights.
7:20 Dallin parks the car in front of the hospital doors turns on the hazard lights and runs to the passenger side. Random stranger asks if we need a wheel chair. Katie and Dallin both say yes. Said stranger runs to get the wheel chair.
7:21 Dallin pushes a screaming Katie through a very large and crowded lobby. As Dallin jogs past the lobby’s desk he tells a hospital employee his car is out front and that his wife is in labor. Dallin doesn’t leave time for a response as he jogs to the elevator that is being held for them by people who had heard Katie’s screams
7:22 Dallin and Katie get to the 3rd floor. Dallin tells the receptionist “We are preregistered. We are having the baby right now.” We follow the receptionist 20 yards to the nearest room
7:23 Dallin, Katie and the receptionist enter the room. The receptionist says something about getting a Dr. Katie stands up and says “He is in my pants.” Dallin looks and sees that there appears to be a head between Katie’s legs. Dallin pulls down Katie’s pants and catches the baby (with his bare and unwashed hands). Dallin holds the baby and looks at the receptionist who says “I am not a nurse.”
7:24 Eight to ten nurses swarm the room. Dallin hands the baby off to a nurse. (Remember the baby is still attached by the umbilical cord). With the help of one of the nurses Dallin lifts Katie to the bed. A gentleman enters and says I heard screaming do you need help (a random OBGYN). The room is not a standard delivery room so there is a flurry of activity to get the needed supplies. Dallin cuts the umbilical cord and baby Daniel starts flying solo.

Sarah's Prayer

"Heavenly Father....Please help us to have a good night. And please help us to be healthy...and not eat too much candy because candy is bad for our bodies, and sugar is bad for our bodies, but food is good for our bodies, and salt is good for our bodies, but a lot of salt is not good for our bodies, so please help us to figure out this whole healthy thing."

Yep, it gets pretty tricky being healthy. I guess that's what we get for discussing the Word of Wisdom (Laban being drunk just before he gets his head chopped off) right before prayers.

All I want for Memorial Day...

Yes, it sounds much better as a Christmas song, but I'm optimistic that Becca's two front teeth will be replaced by the time snow once again covers the mountains.
It was quite the experience getting those two teeth out of her mouth. These two teeth mark the fourth and fifth teeth to fall out, but for some reason they were the most traumatic.
For weeks, they have been wobbling back and forth, and for the last few days they have been begging to be pulled. Poor Becca has been unable to eat anything solid since Monday & so Greg & I finally pinned her down & yanked the poor teeth out.
It brought her to tears, and she kept begging us to let her pull them (at which point she would give a half-hearted pull and claim they wouldn't come out) until Greg & I couldn't stand to look at the poor things any more & Greg popped them out with one yank.
As soon as they were out she was thrilled & couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to arrive with her loot...the going rate around here is a dollar per tooth & a treat (it used to be a package of gum until I banned gum from the premises, so instead she received a PEZ dispenser for each tooth).
Well, I have to admit I was a little sad to see her cute baby teeth go (until they got so wobbly she looked like a boxer who had been hit one too many times in the mouth), but I think she looks very cute with her missing two front teeth.
Here she is (after adjusting the teeth to a "normal" position) just before we started the extraction process.
And here she is "after" the two teeth were gone...She's growing up too fast.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lucky me! I have my "own" laptop for the first time in my life! It is two days old & it's really cute. It's an "Eee PC" and it's just a tiny little thing. This morning I was checking my email on it and Sarah came over to see what I was doing. Well, she peered over the top of the screen and.....SNEEZED! It was disgusting. I have never been much of a germ-a-phobe, but seeing the contents of her nose shining back at me from a computer screen has (temporarily at least) turned me in to a bit of a Lysol freak.

However, the screen is now clean & I am once again tickled pink with my new toy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In addition to the little power struggle we have been having at bedtime (thank you for all the suggestions everyone who called/commented...we have been doing a little better lately) we have also been having trouble with obedience.
So, for scripture study we have been focusing on obedience. We have talked about how Heavenly Father has told us to be obedient because he wants us to be happy & that Satan wants us to be disobedient because he wants us to "be miserable like unto himself."
Well, last night I read to the girls in First Nephi about how Laman & Lemuel were not obedient, but that Lehi was obedient & so the Lord delivered him from his enemies.
I specifically read: "And it came to pass that he was obedient unto the word of the Lord," paused, and asked "Lehi was WHAT?"
To which Sarah responded "A really nice guy!"
I'm so glad the lessons we are teaching are sinking in!

On another note, however, I have also been wondering what to do about scripture study. For the past several years, I have been reading scriptures with my kids at bedtime right before we read a "fun" story, and I feel like the scriptures are the work before we play. I was telling my neighbor my plight & she suggested we follow something another friend does.
So last night we started "Scripture Snack."
As soon as the girls get their pajamas on, they get to come back downstairs where a bed-time drink & little snack (last night we had 2 pretzels and 4 chocolate chips) await them. The girls get to eat their treat while we read, and although I realize that it was something "new" the girls responded very happily to scriptures/family prayers last night.
I then had them run upstairs to brush teeth & say their personal prayers before I tucked them in with a regular story.

I think that if I combine the suggestions for bedtime & last night's successful scripture time I might actually survive the summer sun :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yummy Lunch

I just fed the girls homemade pizza for lunch & apparently it was a hit because Ellie just came up to me, gave me a big hug, and said, "Mom, that pizza was so good I felt water in my mouth!"
"Mom...the pizza was MOUTH WATERING good!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go To Bed!

This is a plea for help...I have 2 little girls who both have school for another three weeks, and with the sun bright in the sky at 7:30, neither of them are feeling the need to obey my pleas that they get some shut-eye. For the past three nights Ellie has not gone to sleep until almost 10:00 and Becca hasn't done much better. Poor Rachel has been awakened more than once this week because I didn't keep my voice down after the 42nd reminder that "I'm not kidding...It's BED TIME!"
I have tried promising treats and movies if they will just go to bed on time, but to no avail. This evening sunshine does not mix well with their need to wake up early for school.
I realize that if I just wait 3 weeks I can bump their bed time to 8:30 or 9:00 without too much trouble, but I would really like them to not be over-tired from now until then (their temperaments are not very pleasant when they don't get enough sleep).
So my question/plea is...what can I do to help them settle down & stay in bed?
I have tried extra stories, special tuck-ins, and closing the blinds but so far nothing seems to help, so if you know any great tricks I would LOVE to hear them & I'm pretty sure my girls would, too because my next idea is to wake them up even earlier than I need to so they will be too exhausted to stay awake by bed time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I just came upstairs to check on my girls & Sarah was putting a diaper on Rachel. I asked her what she was doing & she told me that Rachel told her that she needed to go potty, and Sarah put her on and she WENT!
They both now have manicures & makeovers (the prize for going potty around here--Sarah got it for helping out) and I am just thrilled that Rachel is learning to go in the potty!
What a great day!!

Thanks everyone!

Wow...I think I might go into shock now that Mother's Day weekend is over. It was such a heavenly weekend. I first need to thank Greg for all he did to make this Mother's Day special. He really went above and beyond. Then I need to thank Haylee for the darling Mother's Day post she put together from my kids. She took each of the girls for a day last week & played games/made treats with them, but I had no idea that she interviewed them. Thank you Haylee!
Saturday we took the family to the zoo. We had a great time & the girls even got their faces painted (as is seen in the picture of Rachel in the previous post)...although I'm wondering if we were supposed to. You see, Greg received an email that Saturday was free ice cream at the zoo, but when we tried to get some, we were told that if we wanted the ice cream we had to purchase a special mother's day T-Shirt first. But by that time we had already had the girls' faces done (we got there right as the zoo opened & didn't have to wait in line) and when we left the zoo I noticed that only people wearing the t-shirts were standing in line.
Lucky us, I suppose!
We had a great time at the zoo. The weather was perfect, the animals interactive (I wish I had taken a picture of the fox that was playing with came right up next to the glass as she walked up and started jumping around doing tricks for her).
When we got home from the zoo, Greg & I had the opportunity to attend the sealing of our friends' children in the temple. It was a tender, spiritual experience, and a very special tribute to motherhood. Seeing their children standing there in white, reverently watching as they were sealed for time & eternity was like watching a glimpse of heaven & made me want to be a better mom.

On Sunday (after a slightly crazy morning trying to get ready for church) our Stake President spoke in Sacrament meeting, and I thought he did a great job.
Then the girls gave me cute flower pens from Primary, and when we got home, Greg watched the girls while I took a bath. Then we went to visit our moms & had a yummy Mother's day dinner, and we topped off the night by playing games with Ben & Kristy. Overall a great weekend! Lucky me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,
I love your delicious dinners, especially spaghetti. I love when you read me night time stories. My favorite is Ramona Quimby. I love when you play card games with me. I think you have beautiful eyes, hair, and your smile. I liked when you took me to build a bear to stuff animals. Mine was a cat with a little fuzzy white heart on it.
Becca Bugga

I love you so I am writing you a Mother’s day card. Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Ellie The reason I am writing you this card is because I want you to know how much I love you. The reason I am doing this, is because you know. I love you because you make me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Remember I love you, and still love me. I messed up, so you already know why I love you, but I know you know I love you and you love me and we’re a happy family!!

Dear Mom,
I like doing the dishes for my mom. I like to clean my room. She does the laundry so I don’t have to. She cleans the mirror so I don’t have to. I love that she helps me do the dishes. I like putting on my jewelry. I like her earrings. I like her teeth. I like her shirts. I like her boxes, her jewelry boxes. I like about her her door knobs. I like when she makes me chocolate milk. I like to play outside with my mom, and I am four now, and my sister Becca is seven. I love her.

Rachel, Do you love your mom?
Ya. My mom not home

Rachel, why do you love your mom?
I love my mama

You love your mama?

Rachel, what do you like to do with your mom?


What do you like about your mom?

Do you like when your mom reads to you?

Wait, Rachel come back

Friday, May 08, 2009

A Conversaion with Sarah

I have to start out this post by saying that I have had a GREAT day. Greg got me an elliptical machine for Mother's Day (I have been wanting one for quite some time) & we got it up and running this morning.
Then he picked Ellie up from school and took all three younger girls with him to get his car lubed and washed, which gave me a chance to FINALLY finish cleaning the house--OH HAPPY DAY!-- He also took the girls to 7-11 for a Slurpee & then took me out for a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (one of my all-time favorite places).
So when I relate the next conversation, please don't worry that I am going bananas--after coming home refreshed to a clean house (my awesome babysitter even re-swept my kitchen floor when the girls spilled on it) I was really able to laugh at the following.
Sarah: Mom, why did you give me peaches...I don't want any peaches.
Me: I didn't, Sarah, they are mandarin oranges.
Me: OK, I'll just give yours to Rachel. She wants more anyway.
Sarah: NO! Just leave them on my plate.
Me: OK (and instead I give Rachel the rest of the oranges from the can)
Sarah: Did you just give Rachel the rest of the oranges?
Me: Yep.
Sarah: (crying) I wanted the rest. How come you gave them to Rachel?
Me: Because you said you didn't want any. I'll open another can if you want more.
Sarah: I don't want another can! I wanted the rest of THAT can.

Yes...I think it is a good thing I had a little bit of a break...I really don't understand Sarah's train of thought some days.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Joke

Why do Mormons make bad cops?....Because they are always saying "SHOOT" at the wrong time.
And how did I come up with such a great joke? I was just cleaning the bathroom & I noticed that someone hadn't flushed. Well, it wasn't just un-flushed, it was clogged & as it started overflowing I said, "SHOOT!" Then I laughed at the thought that a more vulgar word would have described the situation more accurately.
Then I thought of the aforementioned joke.

Yep, I think I'm losing it a little bit...too much cleaning unpleasantries for one week!


If anyone would like to come over to see my nice clean house, feel free to drop by in the year 2020 (or maybe that's too optimistic...let's say 2030). Until then, if you drop by you can just expect to find some sort of disaster. That way, if it is only a moderate mess you can consider it a pleasant surprise.
Yesterday was quite the day for messes. I've been working this week on cleaning out closets & doing spring cleaning. As such, you might think that the house looks nice, but while I work on a bedroom closet, the girls proceed to the linen closet to make a fort.
Yesterday, after cleaning out all the dirty clothes from Ellie's drawers, I decided to do a quick load of laundry so I could put away all of her winter clothes for the season. As I was scrubbing a stain, Rachel came down the stairs wearing nothing but half a bottle of baby lotion and poop.
I (carefully) carried her upstairs and discovered the rest of the mess. She had taken off her diaper in Becca's room & I followed the "trail" (yes that means what you think) from there to her room where she had climbed up on her dresser, pulled all her diapers and wipes off her shelf, and proceeded to "wipe" aka smear herself with the rest of the package of wipes.
It took the better part of the morning to clean up that one.
Well, needless to say, the spring cleaning was put on hold.
By the time I was finished it was time for me to pick up Ellie, so I loaded the girls in the car & when we pulled back in the driveway I decided to make a quick trip to the store since everyone was already buckled.
I told the girls that if they could behave I would take them out to lunch.
Apparently that wasn't enough of an incentive, though because they acted like little monkeys the entire time. As we left the store I told them that we would be eating at home, when we hit a bump and (for some reason the bagger stuck a 2 liter bottle of soda in the child seat of the cart & didn't put up the seat flap) BOOM! the Root Beer dropped from the cart, landed on a metal corner of the cart and exploded all over me.
I somehow managed to load everyone in the car & drove home. When we pulled in the driveway, Ellie realized I was serious about not going out for lunch (as if I would have gone anyway being covered in soda) and threw a fit that lasted 20 minutes.

So, although I will try to appreciate every day...there was a little part of me that longed for the year 2020 yesterday :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Time for Fun

I took the girls to the Natural History Museum today. We had a great time with all of the cousins & were happy to get to have Grandma Lorna come with us. The girls dug for dinosaur bones, saw frogs, stuffed animals, rocks, and bugs, put on a puppet show and had a great time. Well, we dropped grandma off at home, and as we pulled out of the driveway, Sarah said, "Mom, can we PLEASE do something FUN now?"
I laughed and asked her what she thought we'd been doing for the previous 3 hours.
But she just looked at me like I had lost it.
Hmm... maybe tomorrow we can find something "FUN" to do.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Full Circle

Last night we were driving home in the rain & I was reminiscing with Greg about how much I loved driving in the rain when we were dating/first married. We would hold hands & listen to Andrea Bocelli (Time to say goodbye) ...if you don't know it, here it is. I still love it:

Well, I joked about how it's been a while since we have listened to Andrea Bocelli in the rain, and Greg whipped out his phone & let the kids watch this video:

I have to inform you, though if you aren't aware, Andrea Bocelli is blind--so the dreamy romantic look he's giving Elmo isn't really creepy.
It was really fun to compare our life 10 years ago with our life today. It is very different, but some of the same elements remain :)