Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanks everyone!

Wow...I think I might go into shock now that Mother's Day weekend is over. It was such a heavenly weekend. I first need to thank Greg for all he did to make this Mother's Day special. He really went above and beyond. Then I need to thank Haylee for the darling Mother's Day post she put together from my kids. She took each of the girls for a day last week & played games/made treats with them, but I had no idea that she interviewed them. Thank you Haylee!
Saturday we took the family to the zoo. We had a great time & the girls even got their faces painted (as is seen in the picture of Rachel in the previous post)...although I'm wondering if we were supposed to. You see, Greg received an email that Saturday was free ice cream at the zoo, but when we tried to get some, we were told that if we wanted the ice cream we had to purchase a special mother's day T-Shirt first. But by that time we had already had the girls' faces done (we got there right as the zoo opened & didn't have to wait in line) and when we left the zoo I noticed that only people wearing the t-shirts were standing in line.
Lucky us, I suppose!
We had a great time at the zoo. The weather was perfect, the animals interactive (I wish I had taken a picture of the fox that was playing with came right up next to the glass as she walked up and started jumping around doing tricks for her).
When we got home from the zoo, Greg & I had the opportunity to attend the sealing of our friends' children in the temple. It was a tender, spiritual experience, and a very special tribute to motherhood. Seeing their children standing there in white, reverently watching as they were sealed for time & eternity was like watching a glimpse of heaven & made me want to be a better mom.

On Sunday (after a slightly crazy morning trying to get ready for church) our Stake President spoke in Sacrament meeting, and I thought he did a great job.
Then the girls gave me cute flower pens from Primary, and when we got home, Greg watched the girls while I took a bath. Then we went to visit our moms & had a yummy Mother's day dinner, and we topped off the night by playing games with Ben & Kristy. Overall a great weekend! Lucky me!

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