Friday, May 29, 2009

Bear Snores On

One of my favorite children's books is "Bear Snores On." It is about a mouse who wanders into a bear cave to escape the cold & pretty soon a party ensues complete with popcorn, a fire, and tea (I'm sure it's herbal).
Well, some days I wish I could be the bear--because there is always such a party going on in my very own lair & sometimes it is more than I can handle.
Today I was out weeding the back yard...I mean jungle & Sarah and Rachel crept back in the house and had a bit of a party. Some of the events included: ChapStick art (chopstick according to Sarah) with a brand new 8 pack of chap stick I picked up for Becca's birthday party; strawberry jam finger paint on the carpet in the dining room (I found that one after I had already put the girls in the car to go to the school) and then, after I had hurredly cleaned up the jam I went out to the car where Sarah had climbed out of her carseat & loaded the back seat of the car with 2 Costco packages of bottled water & emptied the contents of my purse all over the front and middle seats. Ergh.
So, while the bear eventually wakes up saddened that he wasn't included in the festivities, I think I would prefer to hibernate for a little while & wake up once the mess of the party was all cleaned up....oh, wait...I bet the people who made the mess wouldn't clean it up, & the bear had already decided "If you can't beat 'em...Join 'em."

So, who's up for some strawberry jam finger painting on the carpet?! Woo Hoo!


DeAnna Welling Packer said...

Oh Heather.... I so relate! I remember thanking Heavenly Father for a good sense of humor which enabled my children to live a day longer..... Bless you! Auntie

Cheryl said...

Heather, every time I think my kids won't live through the day, I read your blog and laugh, then go give my kids a love!!