Wednesday, October 08, 2014

S'MORE Party!

I don't think I have mentioned my calling, but I am the Activity Days Leader for the 10-11 year old girls in my ward. It is so much fun! At our last planning meeting we decided to have a Mother-Daughter Activity, and when I asked the girls what they wanted to do, they thought that something "camping" themed--specifically with S'mores sounded fun.
Since the activity was taking place in October, I was a little worried about having it in the canyon (or anywhere outside) because we have been having a ton of rain lately, and I didn't want to risk it. So, I decided to just focus on the S'more theme, and hosted a mother/daughter minute-to-win-it activity.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, but the invitations and decorations were all pink, brown & white.
We divided the girls into groups (we have 16 girls right now, whew!) and played a game for each part of a s'more.

For the Graham Cracker game, I bought Teddy-Grahams, and Graham Cracker Stick Cookies that the girls and then moms had to put on their foreheads and get into their mouths without using their hands.
 (Inspired by the Minute-To-Win-It "Cookie Face").
We let the girls try for 90 seconds while the moms put cookies on their foreheads, then switched and let the girls put the cookies on their moms' foreheads.
This sign was at the graham cracker station.

The second station was the marshmallow station. Here we did the same 90 second relay, but the moms & daughters had to stick their noses into Crisco, then try to get as many cotton ball "marshmallows" as possible across the gym floor to their partner who was holding a cardboard "graham cracker" waiting for the marshmallows. This one was inspired by the Minute-To-Win-It "Nose Dive."
The Third game involved chocolate! I picked up some mini Hershey bars and had the moms & daughters work as a team to unwrap them. I just used two knives, a pair of dice, and the chocolate. When someone rolled doubles, they got to pick up the knives and try to unwrap the chocolate. Once unwrapped they had to pick up the chocolate with the knives and put it in their partner's hands. As soon as someone else rolled doubles the person unwrapping the chocolate had to drop the knives and pass it all over.

Once everyone had played all three games, I had three long tables set up, and had all the girls sit on one side of the table and the moms sit on the other side. I gave each person a paper that looked like this:

and then asked the moms & daughters questions about each other.
Moms had to answer: 
What is your daughter's favorite color
What is your daughter's favorite subject in school?
How much did your daughter weigh?

Daughters had to answer:
What did your mom do on her first date?
What is your mom's favorite restaurant?
What is your mom's favorite hobby?
(we actually ran out of time for that one)

Once the questions were all answered, we had a buffet (or Smorgasbord) and let everyone visit and eat.
On the way out, I had clear bags with graham crackers, chocolate & a giant marshmallow tied up with this sign:

I do need to give a shout out to "The Dating Divas" whose cute s'more printable inspired the pink & brown handouts. You can check it out HERE.