Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Otter starts with C

Yesterday Greg showed the girls a picture of a baby otter. He asked Rachel, "Do you know what this is?"
She said, "Yes. It starts with the letter C."
 Greg said, "No. It starts with O."
To which Rachel responded, "No it doesn't. It starts with C. It's a C-Otter."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Star is Born...Or Homemade Dino-Oatmeal

Any time my girls come shopping with me I have to avoid the cereal aisle because they will inevitably see the Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal and want it. However, the price tag always dissuades me from purchasing it. So, today I decided there must be a way to create my own "dinosaur eggs" to put into oatmeal. Here are the results (which I think my girls will go for). If you want the full instructions, read to the bottom.

I had recently purchased a bottle of star sprinkles, and thought my girls would like those just as much if not more than dinosaurs. So, I started piping dots of icing along a sheet of waxed paper, but quickly decided it was NOT worth the effort, so after some brainstorming, I thought about Chex Muddy-Buddies, and decided to try a similar tactic. I warmed some icing in the microwave until it was runny, then poured a little bit (about 1/3 as much icing as sprinkles) into a zip-lock bag. When all the sprinkles were coated I scooped a bunch of powdered sugar (again, I am not a measurer, but it was about as much powdered sugar as sprinkles). Then I sealed the bag and shook it like crazy. Soon, the sprinkles were covered with powdered sugar and started separating from each other. I separated larger lumps with my fingers and continued to shake until I was happy with the size of each "egg." Then I poured the contents of the bag into a colander and gently shook off any extra powdered sugar. At this point I had a bowl full of star eggs. So I took a small scoop, put it in my oatmeal and poured the hot water on top to test it & sure enough! the stars were hatched from their eggs.

I have had several comments asking me what type of icing I used. I had half a can of random vanilla icing in my fridge. Any brand should work, just melt it until it is soft.