Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome Back!

Well, the summer has officially come to an end. Our summer was packed with fun...boating, swimming, hiking, playing, celebrating birthdays and holidays, reading, relaxing and watching the squirrels in our backyard. It was also filled with a fair share of naughtiness...Rachel cutting her hair (to the scalp in back), someone putting a baby outfit on my nightstand lamp & burning it just before I was supposed to go to a baby shower, a honey slip & slide (or should I say Stick-Not-Slide) and a waterfall/pool from the faucet being left on in the kitchen as well.
But, we are now back on track for a full school-year of fun. Sarah started kindergarten yesterday, and she was in seventh heaven. Her report after a full two hours (it was early out) lasted very nearly two hours, and was filled with exclamations of "and there's more!...and that's not all!"
Becca and Ellie both had a great first day as well, and were thrilled to be back in school.