Thursday, June 30, 2011

Becca's Fairy Party

We have officially reached double digits. It is hard to believe that Becca is 10, but ready or not I have a full-fledged tween. The impact coming full-force since Becca got a new CD player & mixed CD for her birthday & has spent the last 24 hours in her room playing with her new gifts and listening to her music emerging only for meals. Crazy!

Yesterday we had a fairy party for our little bug & her friends...not a Tinkerbell fairy party though; it was a woodland fairy party based on the Fablehaven books. We tried to make things a little more "grown up" by avoiding Pin the Wings on the Fairy & instead serving lunch.

Here is the table we set for lunch. We tried to keep things earthy as much as possible with "spider web" linen napkins, flower-etched glasses, and mossy green, brown and red colors.
When the girls arrived they made their own flower clips for their hair. Here is a small sample of their creations...I think each girl made about 5 clips each.

When the girls were finished with their hair clips we had a Woodland Fairy Feast. The menu included raspberry filled chocolate nests, snail crescent rolls, Panko breaded-pepper chicken (Birch Bark Chicken) Broccoli Saplings, radish toadstools on a bed of fresh spinach, and some magical milk a.k.a. vanilla milkshakes, dew drops (water), fairy nectar (invisible kool-ade) and birthday cake for dessert.

After lunch the girls went on a treasure hunt. This was supposed to happen at my grandpa's house, where his huge wooded yard borders the golf course and is amazingly Fablehaven-esque; however, with threatening thunder storms I decided to keep the girls in our house & so I had to mix things up. In the Fablehaven series there is a secret journal written in a magical ink that can only be read with an umite candle. So, I wrote the clues to the treasure hunt with bleach and then we used a UV flashlight to read the secret messages. Each clue was in a different volume of the Fablehaven series, so the clues read: B 4; P 454; L 18; W 7 Or, Book 4, Page 454 Line 18 Word 7. I scanned each of the books to find corresponding places in our house...the bathroom, a hedge, the refrigerator, Becca's bedroom desk, etc. then I hid the clues really well (in an empty sour cream container in the fridge for example). and included a small 'treasure' for the girls to use to decorate a fairy house.
Each house was different & the girls did a great job decorating them. It was fun to see their creativity shine through as they decorated their houses.

After the fairy houses were finished, we had some cake and ice cream. Becca helped me design her birthday cake this year; a toadstool fairy house complete with strawberry flavored toadstool cake pops.

As the girls were leaving they received a fairy necklace in a little muslin fairy pouch. All things considered I'd have to say the party was a success...even with the more 'mature' girls who have given up on fairies.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Shake It

One quick funny...despite the fact that there are about a thousand posts that I should catch up on.
I walked in on Rachel today pumping her fists and singing at the top of her lungs "Shake Shake Shake A-Snore-A!"
then she said, "but they aren't really a-snore-ing, are they mom?"