Sunday, November 07, 2010

Romantic Mystery

We went out to dinner last night as the kids received their report cards and did very well. Sarah was incredibly pleased as she got "Straight Threes" - which for those unfamiliar with the grading scale is getting perfect marks in each area. One of the girls favorite places to go is a local Chinese restaurant. They love it for the wontons they serve as appetizers, their choice of soup, and of course the fortune cookies. The picture above is taken shortly after Ellie had finished her dinner and cracked open her fortune cookie. Words can't accurately express, well, the words on the paper so I had Greg snap a picture of it as well:

She exclaimed to Greg: "I think I got your fortune" and then proceeded to steal his unopened cookie. Becca then agreed with Ellie and stated that I was in fact the "Romantic Mystery" for her dad.