Sunday, May 24, 2009

All I want for Memorial Day...

Yes, it sounds much better as a Christmas song, but I'm optimistic that Becca's two front teeth will be replaced by the time snow once again covers the mountains.
It was quite the experience getting those two teeth out of her mouth. These two teeth mark the fourth and fifth teeth to fall out, but for some reason they were the most traumatic.
For weeks, they have been wobbling back and forth, and for the last few days they have been begging to be pulled. Poor Becca has been unable to eat anything solid since Monday & so Greg & I finally pinned her down & yanked the poor teeth out.
It brought her to tears, and she kept begging us to let her pull them (at which point she would give a half-hearted pull and claim they wouldn't come out) until Greg & I couldn't stand to look at the poor things any more & Greg popped them out with one yank.
As soon as they were out she was thrilled & couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to arrive with her loot...the going rate around here is a dollar per tooth & a treat (it used to be a package of gum until I banned gum from the premises, so instead she received a PEZ dispenser for each tooth).
Well, I have to admit I was a little sad to see her cute baby teeth go (until they got so wobbly she looked like a boxer who had been hit one too many times in the mouth), but I think she looks very cute with her missing two front teeth.
Here she is (after adjusting the teeth to a "normal" position) just before we started the extraction process.
And here she is "after" the two teeth were gone...She's growing up too fast.


Katie said...

How cute! She looks adorable! Enjoy the gaps while you have them - when the permanent teeth start to come in the combination of the two make for a pretty crazy smile!

Liesl said...

We need to have "twinner" pictures taken of Dan and her. He has one front tooth out and one hanging lopsidedly (SP?).