Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In addition to the little power struggle we have been having at bedtime (thank you for all the suggestions everyone who called/commented...we have been doing a little better lately) we have also been having trouble with obedience.
So, for scripture study we have been focusing on obedience. We have talked about how Heavenly Father has told us to be obedient because he wants us to be happy & that Satan wants us to be disobedient because he wants us to "be miserable like unto himself."
Well, last night I read to the girls in First Nephi about how Laman & Lemuel were not obedient, but that Lehi was obedient & so the Lord delivered him from his enemies.
I specifically read: "And it came to pass that he was obedient unto the word of the Lord," paused, and asked "Lehi was WHAT?"
To which Sarah responded "A really nice guy!"
I'm so glad the lessons we are teaching are sinking in!

On another note, however, I have also been wondering what to do about scripture study. For the past several years, I have been reading scriptures with my kids at bedtime right before we read a "fun" story, and I feel like the scriptures are the work before we play. I was telling my neighbor my plight & she suggested we follow something another friend does.
So last night we started "Scripture Snack."
As soon as the girls get their pajamas on, they get to come back downstairs where a bed-time drink & little snack (last night we had 2 pretzels and 4 chocolate chips) await them. The girls get to eat their treat while we read, and although I realize that it was something "new" the girls responded very happily to scriptures/family prayers last night.
I then had them run upstairs to brush teeth & say their personal prayers before I tucked them in with a regular story.

I think that if I combine the suggestions for bedtime & last night's successful scripture time I might actually survive the summer sun :)

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jen said...

Persistence is key. That is what I struggle with.