Saturday, May 02, 2009

Full Circle

Last night we were driving home in the rain & I was reminiscing with Greg about how much I loved driving in the rain when we were dating/first married. We would hold hands & listen to Andrea Bocelli (Time to say goodbye) ...if you don't know it, here it is. I still love it:

Well, I joked about how it's been a while since we have listened to Andrea Bocelli in the rain, and Greg whipped out his phone & let the kids watch this video:

I have to inform you, though if you aren't aware, Andrea Bocelli is blind--so the dreamy romantic look he's giving Elmo isn't really creepy.
It was really fun to compare our life 10 years ago with our life today. It is very different, but some of the same elements remain :)

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Janelle said...

I love that song! I first loved it when I saw it at a Bellagio water show, it is a fantastic song!