Friday, May 08, 2009

A Conversaion with Sarah

I have to start out this post by saying that I have had a GREAT day. Greg got me an elliptical machine for Mother's Day (I have been wanting one for quite some time) & we got it up and running this morning.
Then he picked Ellie up from school and took all three younger girls with him to get his car lubed and washed, which gave me a chance to FINALLY finish cleaning the house--OH HAPPY DAY!-- He also took the girls to 7-11 for a Slurpee & then took me out for a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (one of my all-time favorite places).
So when I relate the next conversation, please don't worry that I am going bananas--after coming home refreshed to a clean house (my awesome babysitter even re-swept my kitchen floor when the girls spilled on it) I was really able to laugh at the following.
Sarah: Mom, why did you give me peaches...I don't want any peaches.
Me: I didn't, Sarah, they are mandarin oranges.
Me: OK, I'll just give yours to Rachel. She wants more anyway.
Sarah: NO! Just leave them on my plate.
Me: OK (and instead I give Rachel the rest of the oranges from the can)
Sarah: Did you just give Rachel the rest of the oranges?
Me: Yep.
Sarah: (crying) I wanted the rest. How come you gave them to Rachel?
Me: Because you said you didn't want any. I'll open another can if you want more.
Sarah: I don't want another can! I wanted the rest of THAT can.

Yes...I think it is a good thing I had a little bit of a break...I really don't understand Sarah's train of thought some days.


Janelle said...

That is so similar to Tim it is eerie! Tim is very particular about many things and it never makes sense. He never wants me to clear his dinner plate although I KNOW he is not going to eat anymore. When I finally do clear it off when he's of course off playing, he sometimes throws a fit that his dinner is gone....arrrgh!

Janelle said...

Oh, and an elliptical machine for Mother's Day? Lucky girl!! I think Greg needs to talk to Justin about gifts on special days because Greg totally gets it, at least it seems like it to me! I will truly be surprised if Justin got me anything, let alone anything from the kids! I know he doesn't have time to go shopping today since he is at school and then I am picking him up for the rest of the day because we have a ton going on tonight!

Didn't you get your beautiful picture last go girl!

DeAnna Welling Packer said...

I am laughing my head off. Ah the joys and 'challenges' of Motherhood. Happy Mother's Day to my Dear Heather.