Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eau de Toilette

I am currently stuck between a rock and a hard spot...or should I say a messy and a gross spot. Ellie is still in the last-second I HAVE TO GO POTTY NOW stage, and Sarah is in the "cool--a small body of water just my size--perfect for playing and drinking" stage putting me in the which is worse stage: continually cleaning potty-training accidents because there is a lock on the toilet, or discovering my daughter slurping from a toilet-dunked wash cloth. YUCK! I have done my best to keep the bathroom doors closed, but it is a futile attempt. I caught Sarah playing with a wash cloth, cup, and wad of toilet paper in the toilet just today, and once I even loudly told Becca to "stop playing in the toilet" when she was using it, thinking it was in fact Sarah.
When Ellie was Sarah's age, she too had a bathroom fettish, but rather than taking water out, she was more interested in putting things in. For example, one day she managed to stick ALL of my hot curlers in my bathroom toilet. Greg had to take the toilet off to get them back out, and then tried three times to put it back together before we finally called a plumber to fix it. So, although taking water out definitely has the gross factor, our budget is grateful for the fact that she hasn't tried putting anything in...yet.

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