Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was a great night! The kick-off event was carving our pumpkins and the girls loved cleaning them out - which was a tough decision because they really wanted to both carve and paint them. Well, as push-over-parents we decided it would be OK to carve them first, and then let the pumpkins get covered in paint.

Ellie was quick to decide on a fairy princess. Unfortunately and due to a complete lack of artistic talent her vision became just a fairy wand. She was stilled thrilled and we were somehow able to keep her clean - right up until we were taking pictures when she leaned into the purple paint. Bless her heart!

Becca set off through the cookie cutters and after rummaging through them for a few minutes decided that heart would be great - particularly when covered in red paint. It certainly must have something to do with the red shirt. I had told Becca she could paint her pumpkin as soon as her bed was made, so of course she waited until Greg came home and coerced him into helping.


Michelle said...

cute pics, heather! what creative girls! and i must say, i'm really jealous of your beautiful kitchen! can't wait to own a house!

Chris said...

I'm glad to see some more regular updates.

Its too bad that I couldn't make my rounds trick-or-treating this year, but part of my costume wasn't mine and I already returned it. Doh!