Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo

You may wonder what happened to Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays or Happy New Year, but this spring we will be expanding our home by two feet. It is yet to be determined if those two feet will be boy feet or girl feet, but judging from our past record, I think chances have us at another girl (Due May 5, hence the title of this entry).
As for the last few blog entries, sorry there haven't been any pictures with the fun-filled adventures, the camera was missing, but yesterday Sarah wandered into our room holding it asking me to take her picture, so we are back in business as soon as I have more exciting pictures to take! (My expanding stomach definitely does not count). All else is well (except for Greg who is at present sick in bed) and aside from an oil slick that Ellie caused in the kitchen yesterday we have no turbulence to report.


Sue said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your dad just called this morning and announced the news to me before I saw the post. I hope you are feeling well. Katie is due around the same time. She still hasn't turned the corner in feeling better. I hope that I can come and see your new baby when I come up to take care of Katie!!

Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS! i, too, hope you are feeling okay. the first trimester is always the worst for me! keep us updated on the pregnancy!

Chris said...

Cool. It won't matter to me if its a boy or girl. It didn't matter last time and it won't again.

So how is Saro doing these days? :)