Thursday, December 20, 2007

Button, Button

Ellie got dressed this morning in a dress that buttons up the back (she loves wearing dresses and I am always happy for her to wear one since it solves the perpetual-plumber-problem we have with pants) and she couldn't get it buttoned herself. So, she came to me and said, "Mom, will you please button me . . . but don't button my skin. That's not what I meant. That would be way too silly. I guess I should have said 'will you please button the buttons on my dress.' Yes, that would have been a much better thing to ask."

We went up to my grandpa's house last night, and Ellie was on one there, too. Greg was helping Grandpa fix his computer, and so Glennis (his new wife) and I took the girls downstairs. Glennis flipped off a light by accident, and said she was still learning where all the switches were, then she couldn't find the outlet for the Christmas tree lights and train. When she apologized for not knowing where the switch was, Ellie said, "It's OK. You are my new grandma, and you just don't know the way we do things around here, yet. Don't worry, you'll figure it out."
A little while later, I showed the girls an Aztec calendar Grandpa has above the fireplace. I asked Becca if she had ever seen something like that before, and she said, "nope, it doesn't look familiar." Then I asked Ellie, and she said, "Yep. It's like the one in Daddy's office, but his is smaller and it's green, not brown."

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Meg said...

Ellie is quite detail oriented. I to am glad that you didn't button her skin.