Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ducky Jammies!

A couple years ago, I saw these cute little duck pajamas at Costco and showed them to Sarah. She grabbed them from my hand, and snuggled up to them the entire time we were shopping si I splurged and bought them. Well, she wore them almost every night for a year, and they were so small on her I had to buy her some very similar purple chick pajamas (that we call purple ducky jammies). Even with the new pajamas, I had to sneak the yellow ducky jammies out of her room and into the basement, but yesterday the girls were playing in the basement and went into the storage room, emptied out one of my bins of in-between-sized clothes and found the ducky jammies. Sarah came running upstairs begging me to put them on, but I insisted they wouldn't fit. She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, however, and somehow poured herself in and zipped them up. The pajamas were literally cutting into her shoulders, and she didn't keep them on very long, but when I saw my (almost) three-year-old squished into a pair of 18 month pajamas I had to pull out the camera!

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