Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look Out Below!

Tonight we went swimming at the rec. center, and we had a great time. I didn't take my camera, but I had my picture taken more tonight than I think I have the rest of the year. There was a lady who was taking pictures of her kids & I'm guessing she must have taken over 300 pictures. She must have had a huge memory card. We also saw Chris-paragus and his family, and his dad was taking pictures, and I fear I might have been caught in their pictures as well. I told Greg that the only thing worse than having pictures of myself in a swimming suit is knowing that my neighbors have pictures of me in a swimming suit....YIKES! But despite the knowledge that my picture is now lurking in the annals of time (and Watsons if you post any pictures of me from tonight you are all dead to me), we had a great time.
Ellie went down the big water slide all by herself, Rachel very nearly did the lazy river by herself, Becca was a regular fish, and Sarah warmed up to the water and we convinced her to go down the little tube slide by the end of the night, which brings me to the highlight of the evening.
Greg took Sarah to the top of the blue slide & I was at the bottom to "catch" her as she came out (I have to put catch in quotes because the bottom of the slide is in 6 inches of water & the water catches anyone who comes out). After Sarah came down, a couple of other kids came down the slide, and pretty soon a grandpa of a little boy came to the bottom of the slide to watch his grandson come down. Little did he know that the next person in line was NOT his three-year-old relation, but Greg. As Greg shot out of the tube, the guy next to me was DRENCHED with water, and the look on his face was PRICELESS. Once he got over the shock, he started laughing so hard he couldn't move, and I got a pretty good case of the giggles, too. Greg thought I was laughing at him and when I told him what happened he started laughing, and then I couldn't stop, which made the "grandpa" laugh even harder, and we all had a great time.


Emily said...

Too funny!

Holly said...

I am still giggling.

Meg said...

Thanks for the good laugh

Chris said...

The picture ransom is set a 3 dozen cookies!

Anonymous said...

We had a ball taking you. We love those cute girls.