Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Well, it is time for the annual "Christmas Card" and accompanying "Christmas Letter." So once again, here is the Cliff's Notes version of our year.

Greg: Is working hard for Northrop Grumman and doing a great job (he just got a stellar review from his boss, which is no surprise. I think he's amazing!) He's still teaching Elder's Quorum and is excited to break in his new guitar hero equipment (we are on set #2 after the girls destroyed the first one).

Heather: Is keeping busy with Primary and the girls, cleaning, laundry, shopping and every once in a while she sneaks in a good book.

Becca (8): Is working on multiplication, piano, and her front teeth. She is a sweetheart who loves playing with her sisters and friends.

Ellie (6): Is our Cinderella girl. You might have noticed she only had one shoe for this picture. She always seems to be losing a shoe or two. She is tender-hearted and so smart! She is feisty and fun.

Sarah (4): Is our little dancer. She counts down the days from one dance class to the next, and can't wait for Christmas to arrive. She knows her letters and is starting to sound out simple words.

Rachel (2): Is our little monkey. She is enchanted with all things monkey (especially Curious George) and gives the best hugs ever.

And there you have the summary of each of us in two sentences or less!


Emily said...

Too funny about the shoe!

angie said...

cute picture, love it, and love the cinderella shoe!

Haylee said...

....except for Ellie, she got 5!! :)