Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Review

On Thursday, Ellie had a Mother's Day program at the school. Me being the slow-thinking person I am didn't register the fact that all the videos I was taking were "portrait" instead of "landscape" (Oops!) until half way through the last song. So here is a glimpse of the program with the camera being rotated half way through. Oh well!

On Sunday I told Greg I felt like I had had an entire "Mother's Weekend" rather than just one day. Greg had Friday off, and we were able to get my mom some flowers, and run errands together. Saturday, Greg spent the entire day in the yard getting it ready for spring. It was a great gift!

Sunday morning I woke up early & decided to take a leisurely bath & read a book. When I was finished, Greg made breakfast & helped me get all the girls ready for church. We were able to visit all the mothers and grandmothers and had a yummy dinner (and I didn't have to cook anything!) and I couldn't be more pleased with the wonderful day!

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