Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pop-Pop Fizz-Fizz

As I was driving home yesterday (Greg, not Heather fortunately) I heard the car start making a clicking noise and then suddenly a loud pop and nice cloud of burning oil smoke. Luckily I was in the right hand lane and just coasted off the side of the freeway. When I opened the hood to see if I could possibly put my technological prowess to mechanical uses it became clear that this way beyond the help of mere mortals. You could quite easily fit a golf ball through the hole in the top of the engine.

As horrible as I feel about losing the engine, I do very very blessed that everything happened the way it did. I heard the clicking noise and had time to slow down and get ready to get off the freeway as well as my brother (who conveniently moved to Bountiful over the weekend) hadn't left work yet so I just called his desk and he picked me up on his way home. The cell phone was blessing as I was able to arrange for a mechanic to look at it and have a tow truck come pick it up before arriving at home. All things considered it couldn't have been better.

Note: I uploaded the full size photo so if click it you can really get a clear picture of the damage.

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