Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Allergy Season

When summer vacation started, I determined that we would not waste away the summer in front of the TV, so in order to earn 30 minutes of TV time, my kids had to do about 20 minutes of work to earn a "TV BUCK." Well, the first couple of days, everything went smoothly, but the other day, Ellie asked if she could watch a show, and I told her she needed to get her work done first. She picked up a Q-Tip, and started to slowly "dust" her bed. When she saw me turn to look at her, she said "Atchoo! Mom, I simply can't clean my room because I'm allergic to dust, I think."

Who other than Ellie would claim to be allergic to work, I would like to know!

1 comment:

Chris said...

HAHAHAHA! Good to see you are taking after Dwight and have introduced your own version of "Schrute Bucks".