Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School

Yesterday was Becca's first day of school. We got up early and drove down to the school, and I walked her to her class. When she arrived, she hastily shooed me out the door. On my way out, I told her I would pick her up after school and watched from the sidelines as she found her seat. After school, I met her by the door and we started walking to the car. As we passed the school bus Becca asked if she could ride the bus home instead. I told her that all of her friends would be driving home with their moms, but she said that didn't matter, so I told her I would meet her by the bus stop. When I arrived at the bus stop, Becca had already made her way off the bus and started down the hill. I asked if she wanted a ride, and she told me to go ahead--she could walk just fine. She was just walking in the middle of a big group of kids she didn't know and was as happy as could be.
When we got home, she told me all about her day, and (sadly) she loves her teacher. (The sadness is because she is getting a new teacher next week & all her friends are in her current class) but I am sure that her new teacher will be great, too!
We are now off to Becca's first soccer game, so thus begins our new school year!


Michelle said...

what a brave little girl! you have definitely done a great job of helping her feel like she can do anything!

by the way, i am now serving in the nursery, under your aunt's direction (she is nursery coordinator)! i met her on sunday and she is so very nice. we had a nice chat about you!

Darin and Haylee said...

This sounds like how mom tells the Rick's college story of dropping you off. PS--check out our blog.