Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Red is Dead

For anyone who has read my description page, you will notice that I mentioned having four little girls and a very old betta. Well, we just said goodbye to one member of the family, much to Rebecca's sadness. Becca decided that instead of flushing Red down the toilet, it would be more appropriate to bury him. So, she found a nice shady spot under her favorite apple tree and we put him to rest. Then, when the grass was replanted, Sarah dumped a bunch of his brightly colored gravel on top of the grave, which Becca thought was most appropriate, so we just left it all there.
Becca was pretty emotional all afternoon until we went up to her Aunt Deanne's house and saw a full blown fish tank. She now has an idea for what she will ask Santa for, but I'm fairly certain it just won't fit in Santa's pack. :)


BEN said...

I feel so bad for Becca. My condolences to her and the entire family. Would you like me to replace Red with Red Jr?

Chris said...


Michelle said...

oh, i am so sorry! what a sad day for becca. hope you find a "replacement" that makes everyone happy :)