Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Wonders

In the early hours of the morning (1:50 to be exact) I awoke when I heard Rachel crying. I got out of bed, and realized two things--first, that I was not hearing RACHEL cry, and second that whoever was crying was out on my front porch. I started walking toward the window and the sound grew extremely loud, and then stopped abruptly when I heard a huge thunk against the house that shook the windows. As I looked out the window a deer bounded out from under the porch, and I realized that the deer had been kicking a bobcat to a pulp. This morning I went out to check out the yard and found tufts of cat fur everywhere (I thought I had better check it out because it's not every night you get to watch the nature show in your front yard, and I wondered if I had just imagined the whole thing). Go Deer!


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Haylee said...

Scary!! I can't believe there was a bobcat in Bountiful!! I haven't ever heard of that before! When do we get to read the post of Ellie's broken arm?