Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Week!

I need to start this post by thanking my mom and Greg for a WONDERFUL 9th anniversary. Yesterday, Greg took the day off work and took the family up to the zoo (a random anniversary tradition, but one we love). We had a great time, and the kids commented that it was "the best day ever," mostly because they knew that when we got back from the zoo they got to go to Grandma's house for a sleepover while Greg and I went up to the Homestead for our anniversary. Greg laughed at me because with no kids to get to bed, and nothing to wake me up, I crashed just after 9:00 last night, but in my opinion, nothing could have been more appreciated than a night of sleep. THANK YOU Mom and Greg for letting that happen.
My night of rest couldn't have come at a more opportune time, either. This week has been a wee bit crazy. It started out TUESDAY when I was at a Young Women's activity. I had a water party with my Beehives, and while everyone was enjoying a snow cone, Sarah got stung by a bee. Her screaming brought the party to an abrupt halt, and I gave Sarah some Benedryl and an ice pack and called it good. However, for the next 2 days, her leg was so tender and swollen it put that child in the WORST mood ever. During this same time frame, Rachel's front tooth (that has been trying to come in for about 3 months) finally broke through, causing her to be a little less than cheerful herself.
Then, with 2 ornery little girls, and a cancelled babysitter, I ended up taking all four kids to Becca's dentist appointment WEDNESDAY where she got to have a pulpotomy--also known as a juvenile root canal. Mmmm, wasn't that fun?! I can't complain, though. My girls ALL were great sports. The appointment was right during Rachel's nap time and she snuggled me through the whole procedure, and Ellie and Sarah watched Toy Story in the waiting room. Becca's only complaints were 1-she didn't really like having her mouth numb, and 2-she couldn't really see/hear Finding Nemo when the dentist was leaning over her face and talking to her.
THURSDAY as I said, was a wonderful day, and very refreshing, which is a great thing because today (FRIDAY) Ellie fell off of the monkey bars at Greg's parents' house and broke her wrist. Yes, this is the first broken bone for the Greather family, and we are just feeling lucky that assuming she keeps it in place, she only has to have a splint and wrap because it was a fairly minor break.
However, it does mean that she gets to attract even a little more attention than she normally would for the first three weeks of kindergarten!


Maureen said...

It's never quiet at the Greather house! Poor Ellie. What a way to have to start kindergarten. Was it her dominant hand? And I'm sure that she was counting on being able to just blend into the background in her new class. :)

Katie said...

Wow, reading your posts always remind me of what a boring life I have ... haha! Happy Anniversary! You're so lucky Greg was around - Michael is out of town again so he missed our anniversary for the second year in a row! That's too bad about Ellie's wrist - I hope she gets better quick!