Monday, March 16, 2009

Qualities of a good Friend

I picked Ellie up from school last week and as we were going home I asked her if she would like to invite a new friend over to play. Sarah said she would be too nervous to have someone new come over, but Ellie reassured her with this statement.
"Don't worry. You'll really like her. She has a beautiful shaped head."
She continued on after Sarah questioned her "Really. Her head is the nicest shape I've ever seen."

So there you have it. The easiest indicator of a true friend: A Nicely shaped Head.

Who knew?


Maureen said...

This has me laughing out loud. Once the girl came over, I wouldn't be able to keep myself from staring at her head.

Meg said...

Ellie cracks me up!

Shannon Stoker said...


DeAnna Welling Packer said...

This is going to be fun to peek at your blog occasionally..... And what do I find??? Such fun and good creative things going on in your household.....

Loved the cake castle for your 'car party' You are a your husband, the Master Technician!