Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Post about Posts

Does anyone out there ever post something & think it is perfectly coherent only to go back and be totally embarrassed by what they have written.

Take for example my previous post. I think I wrote "You see" as a sentence introduction about 17 times. Granted, I was emotionally and physically exhausted, but I really thought that I had written a well-versed post.

So, may I just make the following statement in my own behalf:

Ten years ago I considered myself to be a fairly intelligent, well-spoken person, who could express myself fluently in the written word.

Now, I realize that I have fried the better part of my brain cells, my communication during the day consists of 75 percent of my sentences being repeated and or simplified...most of those sentences being simple commands...and I am well aware that my written skills are not what they used to be when I was thinking & speaking on a "college level."

That being said, I wouldn't trade my life now for what it was back then & I certainly have a lot more entertaining things about which to write now (even if it isn't expressed very eloquently anymore).


angie said...

ya know, at one time I thought I could carry on an intelligent conversation, but anymore its, "so did you catch word world today?"! Motherhood has its perks. i'm just not sure if a fried brain and the ability to dumb down any conversation are some of them! But on the other hand I do love Word world!

Katie said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!! ;)

Leslie said...

Oh, Heather I feel the same way! My English skills have gone down the drain. I gave up worrying about it though because life is too short to worry about trivial things.

You are 100% right that what we are doing NOW is much more rewarding and important. It is good to remind ourselves of that once in a while.

Kristi said...

I like your positive attitude..and it's so true. It was fun to see you at the grocery store! Let's start book club again so we can talk unintelligently about books....!

Aimee said...

Ah! Kristi beat me to it!

That's what books are for. I was never that great with words but I figured out that even if you go through the day speaking like Elmo, you can put the kids to bed and spend a few minutes with Jane Austen. Live vicariously through authors!

Emily said...

Oh Heather, you are still wonderful, creative, intelligent, and a GREAT writer, but I know what you mean!