Monday, September 28, 2009

This Is the Night We've Waited For!

Tonight for Family Night we drove the Bountiful loop (map) to see the fall leaves and they were BEAUTIFUL! However, the leaves were not the highlight of the trip for Greg...and no, Little Caesar's Pizza was not the highlight...look closer:
We saw not one, but two tarantulas on the road as we were driving. Greg was kind enough to catch one so the girls could see it "up close and personal" and I thought it was worth getting a picture to document the great hunter's capture.

Even more exciting than the tarantulas, though was the message that was waiting for us when we got brother-in-law GOT A NEW JOB :) We are so excited for them!


angie said...

ok please tell me where the "bountiful loop" is, because if its close i am going to have to move!!! I am all crawly and freaked out from that picture. Fun night for your fearless girls though.

Leslie said...

I am squirming. I can't handle creepy crawly things! My boys are starting to get a kick out of it now. I am in big trouble...

And by the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I will see you later on today!

Aimee said...

Jim would have runn screeming like a girl (on the inside, of course) because he hates spiders. I get the pleasure of killing all the creepy crawlies at our house!