Sunday, October 04, 2009

General Conference

Does anyone else have a family room that looks like a hurricane blew through? I don't know when my front room gets messier than when we turn it into a miniature art studio for the six hours I try to keep my kiddos entertained there during one weekend (the other two hours of conference are spent at Grandma's house). But whatever the sacrifice to my house, I think it is worth it to be able to be able to listen & recharge my batteries.
There is something wonderful about listening to the leaders of the church reminding us to be more loving, more service oriented, and more like the Savior.
It helps me to focus on the blessing of being a mother and to enjoy the mischievous antics of my girls while they are still little.

This year the reminders to be grateful for life was even more poignant because our neighbor/Primary President/Sarah's favorite nursery leader/first person to invite us over when we moved into the ward passed away this weekend suddenly and we were reminded how fleeting life really is.

How grateful I am for the gospel, and for the knowledge I have of Heavenly Father's plan. This weekend really buoyed my spirits and helped me to remember what is most important.


Emily said...

I feel like I got the least out of this conference than I have for years - like since I was a kid - and I never even fell asleep! Pathetic!

DeAnna W. Packer said...

I believe the whold ward felt like we had been kicked in the stomach. You did a marvelous job of keeping your composure as you lead the Primary Children at Diane's funeral.

Yes...the Funeral, and our Wonderful Conference brings back our focus to what things are all about...and who we should become.

Love you Heather. (Can't imagine those little angels could do such things.....:)