Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thief in the Night

This one is slow in coming, but I thought I would post it because the girls are officially un-grounded today.
Two weeks ago, my extended family flew in for Ben's wedding, and one night Greg took the girls to my parent's house to see the fam (I had Young Women's and a shower so I couldn't go). Well, the next day I took the girls down again since I hadn't seen my aunt or grandma, and my mom decided to show the family what she got my girls for Christmas. Sadly, she couldn't find Becca or Ellie's gift. We searched and searched but found only the empty boxes where the Webkins should have been. The girls were in school, but as soon as they got home I asked them what happened. Becca played dumb...even to the point of asking "Webkins? What Webkins? I don't know what you are talking about." To which Ellie responded, "Just give up, Becca, I already told Mom the truth." (She got home from the bus stop first and through sobs told me she and Becca had taken them).
I asked them how they did it & they told me that they used a high chair my mom keeps in the basement for use when needed, and climbed up to the top shelf where the toys were hidden, opened them, stashed the boxes, and then slipped out the basement door and hid the Webkins in the car.

We had a nice long talk about how that was STEALING, made them apologize, and told them they were grounded from friends and all media for two weeks.

Since then, we really haven't had much trouble around here...which is good news for me, but it does leave the blog high and dry without the interesting stories to tell.

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