Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here are a couple pictures of our "Garden Fairies" from Halloween. We took these while waiting for Ben & Kristy to come home...we got to see the new decor post wedding & it was very very cute.
However, the girls were too excited about Halloween to sit still for pictures and so I had to snap a few when and where I could.
Here is the little ladybug. She was a lady bug for her very first Halloween, so I guess she has come full circle.
Ellie wanted to be a Dragonfly FAIRY...not just a dragonfly & I told her that the tutu made her a fairy and she was convinced.
Sarah was a butterfly (however her wings were on the bench the moment we hit the playground)...oh well.
The "bumble fairy" also ditched her antennae and wings in favor of the slides, but she was awfully cute even without the accessories.


DeAnna W. Packer said...

I didn't look far enough. You are a marvelous mother.... Darling costumes on darling children.

Shannon Stoker said...

What cute costumes!!! They all look great. Wish they could have trick-or-treated at my house -- would have loved to see them all dressed up together.

AMES said...

so so so cute!! Your girls are adorable, Heather.