Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When "Warm Fuzzies" DON'T Make you Feel Warm & Fuzzy

One of my favorite stories from General Conference was President Monson's talk about service & all the different acts of service that were "given" to him for his birthday. I really liked the giant jar of "warm fuzzy" pom poms that one Primary gave him, and decided to make our family a "warm fuzzy" jar. I picked up a bag of pom poms from the dollar store and introduced the idea to my girls Monday night for Family Home Evening. I was very excited and set the jar on the counter with a bucket of "warm fuzzies" for them to choose when they did something nice.
However, today, after helping Becca practice piano, I went in the family room and discovered something that did not warm my heart.
Rachel had taken strawberries and grapes out of the fridge and was biting each one, shouting "yucky" and throwing the remainder of the fruit around the room.
Sarah had taken the bucket of "warm fuzzies" and was chewing them up and using them as spitballs around the room.
And Ellie took my black branches and crows that I had set up for Halloween on the mantle by the mirror and was breaking the limbs into toothpick sized sticks, and de-beaking/plucking my birds.
I have now mostly cleaned up the mess, and I forgot to take a picture until I was talking to Haylee & thought about the fact that I should have documented the disaster as proof--should they ever try to deny their actions.

At present, all the girls are in bed...and I am just contemplating how on earth they could think they would get away with such behavior. I am proud to say that none of them received a beating...or even a yelling, but when Ellie asked if we could please go to McDonald's since Greg was gone for the evening, I'll admit I laughed at her, gave her (and her sisters) a PBJ on stale bread and sent everyone to bed an hour and a half before bedtime.


DeAnna W. Packer said...

wAY TO GO MOM! That warm fuzzy thing is way over-rated anyway.
(Why is life such a test?????)
Love you .... Aunt DeAnna

Kristi said...

That's hilarious! So much for warm fuzzies...warm spitballs maybe?