Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Day Another Adventure

I know I haven't posted for a while, but this adventure should hopefully make up for my negligence over the past week or two.

This week I put up bead-board wallpaper in my kitchen. I LOVE it. Before we moved in, there was wallpaper in the kitchen & then someone removed it & painted the walls without taking care of the glue first & it just looked bad. I didn't want to deal with sanding and puttying, so I have been looking for another option & when I saw this wallpaper online it seemed too good to be true, but it really looks just like bead-board. You can even putty, caulk, and paint it.
I put the paper up on Monday and haven't had a chance to do the finishing touches so there were a couple of little corners that were peeling up a little bit.
That gives the background for today's please be patient as it all comes together.
Tonight for dinner we had Chinese food. I set the table with a black tablecloth, red placemats, white dishes with Chinese calligraphy stuck to the bottom of some clear glass bowls, and put some Chinese art in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. It looked pretty cute (I thought) and provided the atmosphere of learning for my girls.
We talked a little bit about Chinese New Year coming up in a couple weeks and Sarah started asking me questions like:
Sarah: "Mom, How do people in China eat?"
Me: They use chopsticks
Sarah: How do they drink?
Me: Just like we do.
Sarah: How do they walk?
Me: Just like we do.
Sarah: How do they get dressed?
Me: Just like we do. Sarah, people in China are just like us. They don't have blonde hair and blue eyes like you do; they look more like Mulan, and SilverMist (Tinkerbell's fairy friend)
Sarah: Is Tinkerbell Chinese, too?
Me: Nope. I don't know where she's from.
Sarah: Oh, But how do people in China..........
It went on like that for a while.

After dinner I was doing the dishes when water started coming down through the ceiling. Rachel has been potty training this week (CAN I JUST SAY WOO HOO!) and she tried flushing an entire roll of toilet paper down...obviously without success.
As I was running up the stairs to take control of the situation, I slipped on a piece of "extra" wallpaper that I somehow had forgotten to throw away over the last four days bringing us back to the beginning of the post. Because what I slipped on was not actually "extra" wallpaper, it was a small piece of the series of paper Rachel had peeled where the edges weren't stuck down all the way.
For anyone who sees Rachel, she does have a nasty conk on her forehead, but I promise it was unintentional, and self inflicted...She slid on the Tang powder that she had dumped in the kitchen and hit the corner of the wall. The poor kid. Really it was probably a blessing in disguise because it is a lot harder to get mad at a child staring up at you with a giant goose egg.
So that is it for my day today.


Katie said...

I wanna see the bead board wallpaper - you should post a picture!

DeAnna W. Packer said...

Yep... I want pictures too!
Sorry life is so .... a....Just, sorry. Love you

Janelle said...

Yes, I want to see it too! I love bead board!! Thanks for all the fun posts!