Monday, February 08, 2010

Ellie's Berry Special Day

Ellie turned seven on Friday, and wanted to have a "Strawberry" party. Not a Strawberry Shortcake Party, just a Strawberry we did & it was very fun.
We started the party by making "baskets" to hold all of their strawberries (we just decorated brown lunch sacks with stickers & crayons). Then, we played some "berry" fun games. We played fruit Twister (each color was a different fruit...strawberry, lemon slice, green apple, and blueberry), Fruit Pictionary, pin the leaves on the strawberry, and a Strawberry toss (my mom made strawberry shaped bean bags, and they had to toss them into a basket). As prizes, the girls received one of the bean bags, strawberry suckers (I frosted heart shaped suckers to look like strawberries) and strawberry play-doh (those turned out REALLY cute...I made pink play-doh with glitter & added strawberry kool-ade so they smelled like strawberries, shaped them like a strawberry, put them in a disposable pastry bag (and the corner of some sandwich bags when I ran out), and tied the top with green ribbon to make them look like strawberries).

We painted flower pots, planted strawberry plants & had strawberry manicures & is a picture of one of the manicures after painting the flower pot :)
ate cake & ice cream, and opened presents

...and Ellie thought it was the best day EVER.


Meg said...

Heather you are creative as always and Ellie looks so beautiful. Sounds like a lot of work and a lot fun! Remind me to call you when I start doing birthday parties.

Emily said...

LOVE the cupcakes and cake!

DeAnna W. Packer said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!
Seven Years Old.... You are growing up so fast.

What a clever girl your mother is!
I wish I had a glorious party like that!

Such busy such adorable things.... (I'm glad I'm not young any more :)