Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We have had a very fun week full of celebration. Valentine's Day seemed to last an entire weekend. We made Valentine's boxes...Ellie wanted a purse and Becca requested a giant "love bug" (which I think we may repeat for future years). I didn't take a picture of Becca's, but it turned out cute. I just wrapped a shoe box with a black garbage bag, put a giant heart on top like wings, put little black hearts on the wings for spots, added googly-eyes, antennae and a smile and presto! a love bug.
For Ellie's purse, I just covered a cereal-sized box with different valentine's paper, took an extra piece of cardboard to make a flap, took two little magnets to 'button' it & put her name in big letters on the front.
I went to the school to help with Ellie's party, and it was very fun. They played "kiss the frog" (pin the tail on the donkey) with lip shaped stickers and a giant frog mylar balloon, made little 'love bugs' had goodies, and read stories.
That night we decorated sugar cookies, and had a little Valentine 'camp-out' in the front room, where we read stories & snuggled in sleeping bags.
Sunday we had heart-shaped waffles, and went to Grandma's house after church for more cookie & cousin fun.
Monday, the girls had school off for President's day, so we decided to have an All-American dinner complete with flag-shaped jello (blueberries, strawberries & cool-whip). For FHE we talked about agency, and choosing the right & included the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. Then we let the girls build their own banana split complete with G.W.'s cherries on top.
It was certainly a fun holiday weekend!


Kristy said...

Ben and I have been wanting sugar cookies but realized we have no eggs and eggs make me sick right now anyway...we might be up...although I have parent teacher conferences and I'm sure they are gone! Darn it! Sounds like you guys had such a fun weekend. See you soon!

Katie said...

You're SO creative Heather! Can my kids come live at your house so they won't have a deprived childhood??

DeAnna W. Packer said...

How fun!!!