Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

With a new year I suppose I should renew my efforts to blog consistently about our lives. The past few months have been filled with the usual day to day chaos that goes with life, but it has been just great. Our Christmas was wonderful. The girls were sick early in the week of Christmas, but managed to get healthy by the time all the family parties started. It made for a rather uneventful Christmas break from school, but I am thrilled that they didn't need to do any make-up work either!
I have to laugh at our Christmas this year. I thought I was doing such an amazing thing, but Sarah's response turned out to be a little anticlimactic. For the last three years the girls have been ogling over the American Girl catalog that comes in the mail. They would always choose which doll they would pick if they could have one (knowing full-well it would probably never happen). Well, the doll that Becca has been looking at for the last few years was being retired, so I decided to take the plunge and get each of my older girls an American Girl doll.
It was the only "parent" gift they would receive & I thought it would be the hit of Christmas. On Christmas morning the girls opened their presents, including the dolls, and were thrilled with everything, but when asked what they received for Christmas, Sarah excitedly tells everyone about the Dollar-Tree harmonica and butterfly sticker earrings she received.
I guess it just goes to show that Christmas REALLY isn't about the expensive gifts at all!

On the upside, all the girls do seem to be enjoying their dolls & have carried them happily around the house.

As for the new year, today we spent the afternoon sledding in the FREEZING temperatures, but it was really fun to watch the girls get more and more daring as time went on. I have really enjoyed having the girls home from school, and I'm not quite ready to turn them back over to their teachers yet, but I'm sure that getting back into a routine will be beneficial for the whole family.

I guess the next goal I should have is to dust off the old camera & get some more pictures for this blog. I didn't even think about taking pictures of sledding but it would have been great!
Hopefully we'll be able to hit the snow again in the next few days & I'll remember the camera!

Happy New Year to all, and to all a great football game & cheese ball tonight!

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