Monday, January 03, 2011

The New Naughty

So, I guess it is in answer to my concern that I haven't had much about which to blog lately, but Sarah has proven herself completely capable of filling a post or two today.
Today was the first day back to school for the girls & I had a lovely morning getting the "Monday" checklist under my belt. I thought I was pretty much on top of things until miss Sarah arrived home from school.
She asked if she could play with a friend & since she hadn't had a friend over since Christmas, I said that sounded great. She had cleaned her room and there was nothing stopping her from having a wonderful time.
Sadly, while playing I gave her a little too much space & she decided to paint the couches with coconut oil (for the popcorn machine), color on her comforter with a permanent marker and hide her friend's coat so she couldn't leave when the time came.
I have already cleaned up the popcorn oil, and I fortunately found the missing coat shoved in the back of Sarah's closet, but despite my best efforts I was unable to clean the ink from the quilt, so I should be able to post pictures tomorrow (Sarah is currently in bed & I don't want to wake her).
But, if this keeps up, I will certainly have plenty of fuel for the writing Welcome 2011...BRING IT ON!


Emily said...

Oh noooo, Heather!

lori said...

What's not to love about Children...... (and their MOTHERS!)

DeAnna Packer said...

That's my Wonder Woman...Right, "Bring it on!"