Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Party

There will be details coming (I think the party could stand to have several blog entries!), but the short-and-skinny details are we decided to throw a party to coincide with two important events on Friday, July 20th 2007: The release of the new and final Harry Potter book and Bountiful City Fireworks for the 24th of July celebration. We invited Greg's family over for dinner and a magical night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am pleased to report that the kids almost had as much fun as the adults. Everything from potions class to the treat trolley on the Hogwart's Express.

Loads of pictures (and a slide show) are available at
(tip: you can press F11 on your keyboard to toggle the slide show "full screen" once it has begun, F11 again to toggle back to normal)


Chris said...

Wow, you really went all out. I can't believe I wasn't invited!! Is it because I knew the outcome of the book on Tuesday and would have ruined it. :)

Michelle said...

Heather! You are so a girl after my own heart. Your party looked nothing less than spectacular!! I especially loved the dementor pinata - how cute! What a fun memory.