Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday afternoons

What speaks of a better Sunday afternoon than a nice relaxing nap, and now I know what it means to "sleep like a baby." Sarah decided to try to join Rachel in her crib, got stuck, and started to cry for help. When I went in Rachel's room, I discovered Sarah perched on the top of the crib with one leg in and one leg out, and Rachel sleeping with both arms resting behind her head. Who but a baby could stay zonked out under such circumstances?

And for anyone who didn't hear about Ellie's adventures in church a week ago, here is a quick recap. During Sacrament Meeting, Ellie was being more restless than usual, and Greg had to take her out after the Sacrament. He took her home (one of the advantages to living next door) and sat her on the fireplace to practice being reverent. Ellie was a little distraught at not being able to stay at church, so Greg asked if Ellie would like to say a prayer to help her be more reverent. As she said her prayer, she stated, "I'm sorry for all those bad things at church. Please help me to do better because this is a serious problem."
I am happy to report that this week she was much better behaved!

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Michelle said...

priceless - love the pic and ellie's serious problem.