Thursday, October 18, 2007


I just realized that although my little blurb mentions that I am an avid reader, I don't know that I have ever mentioned what I am reading on this blog. So, for anyone interested in my latest reads: I just finished Dracula and really liked it. It wasn't at all what I was expecting.
Right before reading Dracula (which makes several references to rats) I read Book of A Thousand Days (which also talks about rats) and yesterday when I was in my bedroom I heard a clawing, scratching noise in my bathroom. Of course, I thought it was a rat and very cautiously tip-toed to the door. Happily, there wasn't anything inside, but a woodpecker was clawing its way up and down the window screen and pecking the heck out of the mortar in search of some lunch.
And if you are wondering, I read Dracula because I have to wait a full year before Stephenie Meyer comes out with her next novel. I feel like I can claim some relation to her, even though I really can't, because our friends the Hansens and the Gees are related to her, so I read Twilight before it became the huge best seller it is now.
I also have been reading and rereading all of Shannon Hale's books. I think she is an amazing author. For anyone who doesn't know Shannon's books, she wrote Princess Academy, Goose Girl, Enna Burning, River Secrets, Book of A Thousand Days, and Austenland (those are the books I have read anyway), and I will admit, I am planning on going to her book signing when she comes to Bountiful next month.
I have also started reading Stardust and here and there I will throw in a chapter of a Pat McMannus book when I need a good laugh.

So, if anyone has a great book, I am always interested! Just let me know!!


Michelle said...

oh, i am so glad you posted this! i am always in search of a good book, even if i am not as avid a reader as i would love to be. they are reading dracula for book club here and i have been tempted to join in this month. we'll see...sounds like a good one.

Katie said...

I too am a big "Twilight" fan - but as far as another great book, one of my very favorites is "These Is My Words" by Nancy Turner!!