Monday, October 08, 2007

Painting problems

I just visited a friend's blog and discovered that her sunbeam stopped the primary program practice when they thought her red-painted toes were bleeding. Reading it reminded me of our own toenail tales. A few days ago, my aunt Kathy stopped by to see if she could spend the afternoon with Sarah. Among their adventures, Kathy painted Sarah's toenails. Now, whenever Sarah sees her toes, she happily reminds us of the fact that "Kaffy painted my toenails!" This morning, however, she noticed that the paint had started to chip a little bit, so, she insisted that we "fix" it. Ellie assured me that she could do the best job of it, and proceeded to paint Sarah's and her own toes. The result was something similar to the bloody toes mentioned in Katie's blog, so I thought I thought it would be wise to show Ellie's painting prowess. (and since our Primary Practice is not for a couple of weeks, I will be sure to either make sure they are wearing tights or remove the paint before then)
When Katie mentioned her concern that the fingernail polish might have been spilled elsewhere, I was reminded of another incident involving Ellie's antics. Shortly after Sarah was born, a neighbor offered to take Ellie for a couple of hours. I told her that Ellie was a bit of a handful, but she insisted that it would be fine. When I went to pick her up, she apologized to me because Ellie's shoes were covered with fingernail polish, and she was at the time in the bathroom trying to clean up a tube of toothpaste that had been artfully displayed on the mirror. She said that everything had been fine until she got a phone call, and in the two minutes she was away, Ellie had reigned in terror. Fortunately, the fingernail polish didn't get anywhere other than Ellie's clothes/shoes, and the toothpaste wasn't too difficult to remove, but I felt bad. I was glad that I had at least forewarned her, but I suppose that even if you warn someone a tornado is coming, it doesn't mean there won't be damage!


Katie said...

So Cute!! I'm glad I gave you something to write about - I've been waiting for a new post! Oh, Heather - can you send me your email address? (mine is I was going to send you guys an invite to Maddy's birthday party on Friday and I don't have your address! Thanks!

Elisa said...

Hey Grether,
I just read a bunch of your blog, and Ellie and Kimble have ALOT in common, we have many similar stories. I.E. Kimble/flour/sugar/lots of stuff from the baking cupboard/dumped on the floor/urinated on it all. I could write alot here, I think I will post some of his antics on our blog. Wonderful, wonderful, to see you all and get to know what life is like for you all, miss ya. Hey we should get together.