Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool!

This morning has been quite the April Fool's Day. I got Becca up and ready, then tried to get a few things done around the house. It was evident from the get-go that Sarah woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and as soon as she had finished eating breakfast she wanted to watch a movie. Normally that is not allowed until Becca has left for school, but since her emotions were that of a teenager this morning, I decided that a movie would be the lesser of two evils (I was also hoping that she would possibly fall asleep while she watched). Well, she chose a DVD that has been much loved, and it took forever to get it going--I had to take it out and clean it twice, then I had to restart it three times, and finally had to bypass the main menu and go straight to "scene selection" to get it going. After about ten minutes, though I did manage to get it to work, and turned ecstatically to Sarah to tell her that it was working. Her response was, "Mmm, I think I want to play a game instead," and she climbed off of the couch and went in search of Ellie.
Just then, Becca's friends arrived to take her to school. I called to her, and she came down the stairs wearing the same shirt I had picked out for her (a cute pink and brown striped shirt with little flowers on it), but instead of the jeans she was wearing when I started the whole DVD fiasco she decided to wear some floral pants that didn't even come close to matching. My only hope is that her teacher thinks it is some kind of April Fool's joke (because in my mind Becca played quite the joke on me by wearing that to school)!
Well, my mom also asked me if I would highlight her hair for her today, and while we were upstairs, Sarah got into the oatmeal and the popcorn and left a mess of oatmeal in the living room and popcorn in the family room.

Ha! Ha! What a joker! I guess I should just be glad I haven't found any plastic wrap on the toilet seats!


Michelle said...

you have the most fun life! every post is worthy of being published, i swear! i really wish i could meet those funny girls of yours!

Jason and Audrey Wendel said...

Heather you really are the worlds funnest mom! I had good intentions this year, but that is as far as it got for St. Patty's Day green food.
Oh well, there's always next year. I love your blog!

BeautyFul said...

You are going to think I am the strangest lurker ever, but I can't help but comment. Katie Parrish is a good friend of mine and I clicked on her links of friends and family to see if I knew anyone and ran into yours! YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! I've spent the last 30 minutes reading your blog and laughing my guts out! After reading for a while, I am pretty sure I know your hubby... I went to high school with him. Ask him if he remembers Kristina Beckstrom! From a fellow mom of trouble-makers, you sure put a positive and exciting spin on it! Way to go Mom!

Shannon said...

So funny....glad you got a photo of the pants!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Magoo, you've done it again. Hope you don't mind, but I shared with Kathleen Haws. Keep up the good work!
love, Mom