Monday, April 28, 2008

Family Fun

Saturday I had planned on spending the morning doing laundry, but all three of my older girls insisted on accompanying their grandpa and dad on a fishing trip. I, therefore, decided I should probably go myself to provide an extra set of grownup eyes. "Sportsman's Paradise" provides not only private fishing, but pheasant hunting as well, and the girls went on an "Easter Egg Hunt" collecting hundreds of empty shotgun shells. They also loved seeing the fish runs, where thousands of little fish were swimming happily. Each of the girls got to throw a piece of fish food into the water to watch them come up to eat.
Rachel was certainly the most excited by the fish, and was ready to take a swim had I been willing to let her. She also added a word to her ever increasing vocabulary--"SHISHY!"
On our way home from Paradise, Grandpa Steve took the family to Maddox, one of the most popular eating places in Utah, where the girls gnawed fried chicken to the bone.

Sunday we went to Allison's baby blessing. We had a wonderful time, and the girls (as evidenced by the following pictures) enjoyed every minute they spent with their cousins. However, I must say that all my attempts to keep the girls clean were futile. For lunch, Janelle made chicken tacos (which by the way were very yummy), and I thought that instead of putting meat on the girls' tacos I would just make them quesadillas to prevent any chicken from spilling on their dresses. I also chose not to give them any jell-o salad or chocolate dessert. Nonetheless, my girls left Justin and Janelle's looking not just messy (just because I didn't dish them any messy food didn't mean they couldn't go back around the buffet for themselves a little later) but they also looked like the newest members of the Blue Man Group. Somehow, the girls found some chalk outside, and decided to mix it with water and use it as finger paint. Ellie's dress dragged through the concoction, and all three girls had blue hands for the rest of the day (I scrubbed and scrubbed but to no avail).
But even with the messy clothes and hands the time spent with family was certainly well worth it.

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