Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Morning

We had a rather busy morning today, and I had to wake the girls up on a Saturday which was the antithesis of my wants, but we had soccer and a health fair, and needed to get up and at it. So I cautiously approached Sarah, and tried to cajole her from sleep. I rubbed her back, and said, "Sarah, it's time to get up." She moaned and rolled over, and so I added, "Don't you want to go to Becca's soccer game?"
Sarah rolled back on her tummy, tucked her hands under her cheek, and croaked, "No, I want to go to Costco."
Well, who wouldn't want to get up early for a trip to everyone's favorite "$100 store" (our affectionate term for the place we never seem to leave without spending over $100)?

1 comment:

Chris said...

Haha. That reminds me of the ZZ Top concert I went to. One of the guys mentioned that he likes that Utah has a lot of dollar stores, but his wife only likes the $100,000 stores.

If Saro is already after $100 stores now.....