Thursday, February 26, 2009

Divine rolls

Don't you love great neighbors? I am teaching on Sunday and the lesson is on finding joy in our divine role as daughters of God.
I thought it would be fun to give each girl a "Divine ROLL" (cinnamon roll), but since it will be Fast Sunday, I thought it would be good to give each of the girls a "60 Second Cinnamon Roll" that they could take home and cook (therefore no temptation for them at church).
I called a neighbor who told me that she liked the "AnyTime" rolls more, and she said that her husband could bring some home for me. I told her that I could just pick some up, but she insisted.
Later that night, her sweet husband brought me 3 CASES of cinnamon rolls. I told him I was only planning on giving the girls 1 roll each, but he just shrugged it off and said that they would like a whole package more.
Well, I just finished "repackaging" the rolls. I cut a slit in the bottom of the outer wrap & put a handout in over the nutrition facts that said:
"RISE to your full potential. Find joy in your DIVINE ROLL as a daughter of God."
They turned out really cute & I think that my neighbor is right...the girls will like a package of cinnamon rolls a lot more than just one (especially on Fast Sunday).


Emily said...

Hilarious! But I think you should have saved some and spread the joy around!

Leslie said...

How sweet is that? And your cleverness never ceases to amaze me!