Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Un-Valentine's Day

Greg & I have decided that it is much better (for us) to celebrate Valentine's Day on a day other than February 14th. On the actual day we make it a family celebration with heart-shaped waffles for breakfast, heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch, and heart-shaped pizza for dinner. Then we'll bundle up with a fire (assuming the air quality is OK) and watch a movie.
Then, on a weeknight just before or after the holiday, Greg & I go to a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant on Main Street for a quiet night out.
For the last two years we've been to the same place & it always cracks me up. When we got our bread, it was lined with hamburger paper from Dairy Queen, we were the only people in the restaurant, and when Greg paid with cash (for a 5% discount) there was only one ten dollar bill in the till aside from some change.
It probably doesn't sound like a great night out, but for us it was really fun. It was nice and quiet, we never had to wonder where our waiter was, and it wasn't hard to know that our food was made to order. :)
When we were first married we made reservations at Macaroni Grill & still had to wait over an hour to be seated. For us this is a MUCH better alternative...and a most RELAXING evening.

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Janelle said...

We ate at Macaroni Grill in Orlando with reservations and only waited 5 minutes...bummer for you!