Saturday, April 04, 2009

How did that happen?

Tonight we went to Greg's parent's house while the guys went to the Priesthood session. Greg's mom had made marshmallow Easter eggs and let the grandkids decorate them. Well, Sarah decorated hers, helped me decorate Greg's and then went off to play while I decorated my egg. Rachel stayed with me, and without my knowledge licked all of the frosting off Sarah's egg, so I took some frosting and gobbed it on to recreate her masterpiece.
Well, we just got home and Sarah looked at her egg and asked "How did that happen?"
I asked her what, and she said, "Look! my bunny house (apparently that's what she made) looks so different, but it's so cool!"
So, my question is, when she spent exactly 15 seconds decorating her egg, and then didn't look at it again for two hours, how did she notice that the frosting blobs were different?
All I can say is that she is too smart for her own good.

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