Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love You, Mom!

Yesterday I was trying to get the house picked up, and after vacuuming the front room and throwing a load in the laundry I went into the kitchen and found Becca working on a "project" that involved glue, wire, crayons, paper, scissors and tiny scraps all over the floor.
Now, please don't think that I am against my kids making projects, but when I'm in the middle of cleaning (and the girls are supposed to be helping) it didn't really thrill me to see the mess on the table & floor.
I walked into the room and said, "Becca, what are you doing?"
To which she responded, "Mom, I'm making this for you....It has Ellie's name on it, but that was just so you wouldn't know it was yours until I was done."

Brilliant. How clever to put another name on it, Huh?! But I'm SURE it was really for me :)

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Shannon Stoker said...

Oh, clever, clever child. As if you wouldn't catch her in her evil little plot. Still, could you even keep yourself from smirking when she said it?